Smiling with your eyes

In this new ‘normal,’ it seems that we will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future.  I don’t think anyone is excited about this prospect.  We are going to have to learn a new way of communicating with each other since our mouths are completely covered.  Time to start working those eyes!  How expressive can you be just using your eyes?  Next time you are out see how much delight, joy and gratitude you can emot just from your eyes.  To quote the comedian Flip Wilson, “What you see is what you get.”  And in these times it is also  “How you see is how you give.”

2 thoughts on “Smiling with your eyes

  1. OK Sis! I agree & what BEAUTIFUL eyes YOU have.
    But let me tell you — Viviana, your niece shared something about how its pretty important for babies to see mouths moving while learning how to talk and how often have we used the expression “read my lips”! in the meantime our grandbaby seems to like ALL forms of communication (at 5 1/2 mo.) so…. I plan to work on the eye! She now like me playing with her with my reading glasses on and off peek-a-boo Granny!


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