No, Yes and Wow

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I subscribed to a blog for years called Peaceful Daily by Sandy Corso. I have kept one of her posts called “No, Yes and Wow” as a reminder not only for myself, but also for my yoga students. It’s based on the book by Nischala Joy Devi’s called “The Secret Power of Yoga.” The concept is very simple yet powerful, and I think it hits home even more during this pandemic.

“No” is a powerful word. We are saying “No” to a lot right now; to social gatherings, to vacations, and especially to dining out. Saying “No” gives the illusion that one has control over their life. Sometimes “No” is the knee jerk reaction to the unknown. Saying “No” too much can make one fearful and rigid. It can create a heaviness in the heart as well.

“Yes” on the other hand brings a sense of possibilities, adventure and joy. Saying “Yes” opens us up to letting go of control and embracing the unknown. While saying “Yes” and doing it safely is a not as easy, we should all try to say a small “Yes” every day. It can be as simple as trying a new recipe or a new workout routine. While these adventures may be smaller, they can still help lift the heart.

Now to the “Wow.” Saying “Wow” as often and as enthusiastically as possible instills joy and gratitude. This is not the kind of “Wow” that comes easily off the tongue, such as when you have an immediate negative reaction to something. It’s a “Wow”of simple wonder that is almost childlike. It could be something seen in nature or the kind action of a friend. Life is still amazing and we need to keep noticing the wonders around us.

It’s an interesting exercise to notice on any given day how often you find yourself saying “No,” “Yes” and “Wow”. We should notice what too much “No” feels like. Too much “Yes” can be unhealthy as well. And it’s definitely ok to have lots of “Wow.” The trick is finding the balance of the three. It is my hope that you can find a combination that feels right to you.

Written with thanks to Kerry Wekelo who wrote the original blog back in 2012.

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