Emily’s Keys to Success

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We had the good fortune to see Emily Sisson training along the same canal where we bike a couple of years ago. We were with friends and had stopped to have a water break, and watched her doing timed intervals with her husband right across from us. Our “friend who knows no strangers” went over and struck up a conversation with her husband and got her name. We were all awestruck at this young woman. She is the fastest person I ever seen run. Her form, gate and poise were amazing to observe. I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics on TV, but to see her right in front of us really brought home the superiority of her skills.

We watched her recent qualifying race on TV. It was hot in Oregon that day, and she took the lead after the fifth lap and never gave it up. In fact, she began to lap some of these excellent runners. It was an impressive race and she made her win look easy. She recently gave an interview to Cindy Kuzma with Runner’s World, where she cites her seven keys to success. These tips translate well to obtaining goals other than qualifying for the Olympics.

  • Grieve your defeats, then let them go.
  • Break the race down in parts.
  • Draw on your past successes and others.
  • Reshape your narrative.
  • Add to your inner toolbox.
  • Remember it’s tough for everybody.
  • View obstacles as opportunities.

I also love how these tips relate to life in general. We all have talents and gifts. Olympians have found and honed theirs to a superior level. Maybe what makes them successful olympians besides hard work and their God given talent, is that they work these seven keys to a fine art. Something we can all aspire to do in our own lives. Good luck to Emily and all the team USA athletes!

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